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15 Amazing Curly Hairstyles For Women Over 40


An awful misbelief circulating about women in their forties said that they stopped taking care of themselves and their looks. This idea has never been proven right. At this age, women tend to be more confident, stronger, and they knew what they want to do in their lives. And this reflects the way they choose their clothes, hairstyles, and the like. It is an excellent year to explore and embrace the wild side of your life. Flaunt that crazy curly hair you’ve been dreaming all this time.

There are tons of different ways to style your curly hair, but before we get into our top favorite picks, let’s take a look at how we can design different type of curls right at the comfort of our home.

1. Side Swept Blonde Hair with Curls

Many rich and famous people wear this hairstyle, and it’s the favorite of many mid-aged women. This hairdo sports wavy curls falling towards the face which instantly reduces the age of the person wearing it. The style has the side partition that gives the face more graceful look, and it’s a perfect hairdo for all shapes of faces.

2. Brunette Hairstyle with Ringlet Curls

For people with long brunette colored hair sporting ring like curls, while you need to count yourself lucky, as such unique hair type is what many women spend time and money to wear. Wearing the brunette hairstyle with ringlet curls with your hair type will leave you stunningly beautiful. For people with hard to manage hair, the trick is to hold it with a few clips.

3. Short Hairstyles with Curls and Bangs

Most women adore the curly style and bang style hairdo; this hairstyle come in two different styles of frontal and side bangs which women prefer differently according to tastes and head shapes. Those with broad or high forehead use the bang style to hide their head shape, which ultimately gives them a younger look and confident appeal. This style is spot on for women with shoulder-length hair.

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