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18 Hot Angled Bob Hairstyles: Shoulder Length Hair, Short Hair Cut Ideas

An angled bob is a super easy and chic way to add some dimension and life to your locks. Alone, angled bobs are ridiculously sleek and cute; but when you add a touch of style and flair, you end up with a textured ‘do that’s hip and fabulous. Try out one of these 18 hot and flawless angled bob hairstyles that will really take your bob to the next level.

1. Volumized with Simple Flipped Bangs

We’ll start with the flawless blonde coloring on these locks: bright and shiny, perfect for spring or summer! She takes her luminescent locks and adds plenty of volume on top, adding just a touch of flip to her bangs for some perky attitude while the rest is left sexy, slick straight.



2. Messy Voluminous Curls

A hairstyle that’s perfect for casual summer nights, these messy and voluminous curls are nothing short of fabulous! They’re super flirty and fun and can go with a cute pink summer dress or even your fanciest red body-con number for the party.


3. Simple Hollywood Curls

When you indulge in ‘Hollywood curls’, you know you’re automatically setting yourself up for a look that’s downright classy. These simple Hollywood curls look great on her super-angled light blonde bob, creating a very dazzling finish that can be dressed up or down with ease.


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