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19 Amazing Uses With WD-40 Everyone Should Know

WD-40 is your best friend for most household problems. It works as an oil and water-displacing spray. It is also the solution to a plethora of issues you might have in your home. WD-40 is used for a vast number of situations such as cleaning, rust prevention, lubrication, and many more things. And most people don’t know about any of those functions! Your average person thinks WD-40 is only used by handymen and experts. This list will prove the many -and they are a lot- functions of WD-40 you can make use at your house or workplace. Keep scrolling down, you might find a solution for that problem you had since last year!

2. Protects your bird-feeder

source : newengland.com

Are you a bird lover? Do you like to watch the little birds that fly around the neighborhood? If you are, you probably have a bird feeder or two in your backyard. The problem with bird feeders is that they attract other animals -such as squirrels-. They try to get to the food by climbing up on the bird feeder pole. You can easily solve this issue by applying WD-40 on that pole. Nobody will be able to climb up there anymore and only animals with wings will get to the food.

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