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20 Inspiring Easy Short Hairstyles for Every Face Shape

When you want a dramatic update to your look, your face shapes is one of the most essential factors to consider.  It may be easy to choose the prettiest cut but this does not mean flattering for all face shapes. Fortunately, some trending short hairstyle this season work well with every face shape as long as the following significant attributes will consider.

Hair Texture

Basically, there are different hair texture to consider like fine, straight, frizzy, curly, wavy, course or a combination of these. You can determine your hair texture by touching it and seeing how it moves. Your hair’s density and texture play an essential role in the sense that it allows you and your stylist to know the daily hair care routine, the right length to cut and the best hairstyle that matches your face shape.

You’re Personality Matters

Your personality matters, the way you talk, the way you walk or even your height, body built and skin color do. It matters when you choose a perfect haircut simply because it stands as the foundation on which your style will stand out or expresses your identity and aura you desire others to perceive.

Face Shapes

Face shapes are one thing to consider like for instance a square, and heart-shaped faces look great with pixie hairstyle while a woman with oval and diamond faces look fine in everything.

If you (for some reasons) have no idea of what short haircuts works best this season, don’t worry because almost all of the trendiest short hairstyle can look great on all face shapes. Take a look and choose.

1. The Pixie Hairstyle – For All Face Shapes

Charlize Theron wearing a cute pixie. Getty Images.

A pixie cut is a short hairstyle which is popular for a long time. It is short on the back and sides and could have a longer layer on the top with short bangs. The pixie style can frame your face and make your cheekbones pop. A perfect hairstyle that rocks whether you have a blonde, red or brunette hair color. This cut is so perfect for all face shapes.

2. Soft Pixie -For All Face Shapes

Anne Hathaway. Jason Merritt/Getty

A soft pixie hairstyle looks great on heart-shaped, oval, square and round faces as it helps emphasize the cheekbones and eyes. If you have a long face try adding bangs to your pixie cut to express a balance looks. This style can be worn by women with any age. Wavy, thick and fine hair texture is going to be good for this haircut. If you want a casual and professional look then opt to a pixie cut.

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