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22 Most Elegant Mother Of The Bride Hairstyles You Will Ever See

  • Long Curls with Side Bangs

A soft side bang can complement any style! If you add some curls to her hair, you are sure to impress the mother of the bride.

How To Style:

Part hair on the desired side of your hair and style bangs.

Make sure to use a 1¼-inch curling iron in curling each section.

With a soft boar bristle or directly your finger, brush the hair smoothly to relax the curls a bit.

Remember to apply a shine serum to the curls and complete it with a medium hold hairspray.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:

This look is unbelievably versatile; even short-hair women can flawlessly sport this style. It is also suitable to medium or thick textured hair in any length. This style can decrease any harsh features of your hair.

  • An Adorable Adornment

A fun way to feel like you are part of the wedding is to add a piece of “flair” to your locks. You can add a little headpiece or a few flowers to your hair for an instant fabulous look.

How To Style:

Style your hair as desired. If you want the picture shown above, curl your hair using a small to a medium curling iron.

Use a bobby pin that matches the color of your hair to secure the hair adornment.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:

I told you this look is amusingly versatile! This kind of hairdo is suitable for any hair type and texture. However, if you don’t have thick, coarse hair, and your hair is on the more elegant side, use a backcombing brush to backcomb the roots where you want to place the bobby pin. It will give your hair good support for the bobby pin to stay in place.

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