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Hairstyles That Will Look Stunning On Older Women

3. Go for bangs

Celebrity stylist Mitch Stone suggests bangs for any age, but primarily for his more mature clients. Bangs are always in fashion and can complement any face frame – but make sure your stylist knows your face shape first. Stone explains that bangs can instantly change the look of your face, so it gets a little critical if your stylist isn’t experienced. “They (bangs) can make you look fresh and sexy or make your nose or forehead look twice the size,” he explains. “It’s important to make sure you believe your hairstylist before going for it.”

Stylist Ruth Roche often suggests her prime clients go for bangs that are long and wispy. “Have them trimmed frequently rather than cutting them shorter so they last longer,” she told The List. “Fringes that are too short can look practical and monotonous.”

4. Don’t be scared of length

When it comes to our hairstyle, several of us feel that we must go short as we mature. That’s what we perceive all around us so that it can seem like the only choice, but don’t be scared to hang on to some length. Jeff Stump, the owner of Artkiteks salon, emphasizes, “Many people believe that they must have short hair as they get older. This is not always the case; it will depend on the balance of the hair and how their hair ages.”

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