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Latest short haircuts for Ladies

2. Cute Messy Short Hairstyle with Flyaway Fringes

For someone who wants a little messy yet cute and lovely. This is a really adorable hairstyle for an
individual with finer textured hair. It has a soft weight flyaway ends which flow naturally downward and
form an elegant point at the back and side part of the head. The wavy hair looks alluring and feminine
that surely complemented any facial features. Anyone will love to try this easy styling and lesser
maintenance fantastic hairstyle.

3. Beautiful Side-parted Shaggy Hairstyle

This short and sexy hairstyle is simply amazing and gorgeous. The side-parted bangs with soft waves and
romantic layers go down naturally to one side of the face which is very lovely to look at. Side-parted
shaggy hairstyle gives some extra bounce and a lot of swaggers. You will surely love this charming short
hairstyle that will make you look stunning.

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