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Top 20 Amazing Long Hairstyles For Older Women

Some people have this belief that once you reach age 40 and you still rock long hairstyles you will look older. While this is incorrect, you must also understand that your hair will start thinning as you age, which is not a bad thing because it’s natural. It’s incorrect to say only young people should rock long hairstyles  and should be avoided like a plague by older women.  The notion that long hairstyles are not for older women is old-fashioned. In fact, you need to pump the volume up with the layers and movement around your face since your hair will continue to thin as you age. Women above the age of 40 can rock various long hairstyles such as curls, waves, updos, buns, and braids among others.

Long hairstyles like updos with tucked in ends such as French knot, low buns and chignons look smart on older women and can be rocked as formal and casual hairstyle. You do not need to limit yourself to a specific hairstyle most especially if you have healthy and wavy textured hairs. Below are some of the top elegant long hairstyles for women above 40. Ensure you try as many as possible out.

1. Classic French twist

The classic updo spiced with a French twist is a great hairstyle many love especially women above the age of 60. This hairstyle is easy and simple to create and yet very attractive. This is a perfect one for you if you prefer a classic hairstyle; however, you might want to consider some hairspray to combat the flyaways.

2. Sassy Braided Pony

Ombre is an effective easy way to add color to your hair if you do not want to waste much time maintaining your hair. If you do not want to dye your hair in order not to damage the texture of your hair, you need to try the ponytail trick. You could use the darker shade or an attached pony that goes with the color of your hair.

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