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Top 20 Amazing Long Hairstyles For Older Women

3. Tousled Side Ponytail with Bangs

One of the things that makes this hairstyle look elegant and great for older women is because it’s capable of covering the forehead. In addition, fringes also take away attention from the wrinkles under your eye. Complement the bangs with simple ponytail bun. This makes the appearance of your face look playful.

4. Elegant chignon

If you want to look elegant in a party, then you need to try this hairstyle. It’s classic and elegant. Stroll down the street, watch some fireworks, take a walk in the garden and you won’t be disappointed with this hair. You should consider this hairstyle if you have some special events such as cocktail parties, luncheons and galas. The elegant chignon hairstyle will not fail you; it’s simply one of the best hairstyles for women above the age of 50. It’s never outdated or boring although contemporary but it’s classic.

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